Unsweetened seeds of pure love

– Devyani Mehra

Today I am going to share an amazing habit of a wife who expresses her love ❤️ through a healthy routine that she follows for her husband’s health.

Here goes @devyanimehra ’s story:

“It’s not like we are a health freak couple (I am actually pretty much the opposite of it), but when I realised, there’s a chance my husband might be prone to diabetes in the future as his parents are both diabetic, I tried finding an easy to-do routine which can reduce the chances of him getting diabetes.
After researching on the web, I found Methi/fenugreek seeds to be helpful. They contain fiber and help in slowing the digestion process which regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. They also help in improving the way the body uses sugar.

So, I have recently started a little night routine where I take a teaspoon of methi seeds and soak them overnight in 3/4th glass of water. Next morning 🌅 I make him drink that water and eat the methi seeds. They don’t taste very bitter since they were soaked. It’s a very quick, non messy way and takes less than 10 secs of your time.

Besides that, fenugreek seeds is known to be a great antacid and having it first thing in the morning helps strengthen digestive system and boosts metabolism.”

Thank you Devyani for sharing this habit of yours. I am sure your husband makes it up to you for this lovely habit of yours 😉

➡️ Guys who are reading this, mind you methi dana consumption generates heat 🔥in the body and hence should be ideally consumed in colder months. Devyani is based out of Bangalore, so she doesn’t have to bother about the weather conditions. We all know how awesome Bangalore weather is.

➡️ But Delhi people, ideally you should start this routine in winter months ❄️. People who are prone to catching cold and flu often, could start this habit and let me know how you feel.

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