Summer salad

– Diksha Sethi

This is my friend Diksha’s Thai cucumber 🥒 salad recipe which is so refreshing and easy to make, that once you try it, you will fall in love with this summer salad.

The beauty of this salad is that it has fresh flavors and crisp textures that you can whip up in a flash and you don’t need to run to the market to buy fancy ingredients or dressing.

Just slice cucumbers 🥒 and add hand crushed peanuts 🥜 to it. For the dressing, she blends a bunch of mint leaves, coriander leaves with lemon juice 🍋 and salt & pepper. Add this to the cucumber and peanuts mix. Then drizzle some raw honey 🍯 on top (She gets home made honey delivered to her place from Kerala..Lucky girl!). Cucumber keeps her hydrated all day and peanuts are for the good carbohydrates.
PS: If you see the picture closely, the cucumbers have a hole. She uses the seeds to make detox water with lemon and mint leaves on weekends.

PPS: These are English cucumbers, so she doesn’t peel them. You could also use desi ones and soak them in water for 2-3 hours to wash off the pesticides and have them with the peel if you like.

Do try this summer salad and let me know how you find it. Also do share some of your easy to make salad recipes.

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