What is My_Health_Space?

A community where, healthcare professionals, wellness experts, fitness freaks, yoga enthusiasts, nutritionists, lifestyle guides, people with inspiring stories of positive change, and people who want to tread the path of becoming the best version of self, are welcome to share the little tips and everyday habits that has made a positive difference to their lives.

I started my wellness journey in 2016 by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Through this blog, I want to share all my healthy habits with you. All of these tips would be tried and tested, some might have come from research, some from nutritionist recommendations or some suggested by friends. I am just kick-starting with my experiences here. But eventually, I would like each one of you to share some habits that changed your life in a positive way. The small, little things you do which make you feel good with a goal of nourishing awareness in each moment.

The idea is to build a community of people – who are aware of their body and conscious of their well being, those who wish to seek inspiration from people who are fit, people who want to re-prioritize and put their health and wellness first, people who are willing to share their life hacks and even those who just wish to work in this direction.

Let’s root for each other to help each other grow cause tomorrow’s counting on you.

Have a habit that you want to share with the world? We would love to feature it in our blog and social media.


Disclaimer – The content shared in this blog is written on the basis of personal experiences. However, please bear in mind that every body and mind is unique. What might have worked for me, might not work for you and vice versa. So please use discretion. Please take advise of your doctor for any medical condition.